MAPTrix¢â Hydrogel Technology
MAPTrix¢â HyGel is a synthetic three-dimensional (3D) hydrogel that mimics the naturally occurring ECM. MAPTrix¢â HyGel is an innovative and versatile 3D cell culture tool that addresses the unmet needs of a biochemically and physically controlled 3D matrix for cell culture and tissue engineering applications.

MAPTrix¢â HyGel can be used to engineer in vivo like 3D ECM microenvironments by presenting combinations of MAPTrix¢â ECM products to induce combinatorial integrin-mediated signaling for integrated processes similar to an in vivo environment. MAPTrix¢â HyGel demonstrated to create a 3D (3-dimmensional) microenvironment to regulate the angiogenic integrin-mediated signaling event for angiogenesis in a reliable and reproducible manner. For details, please download the MAPTrix¢â HyGel Technology.
Dynamic MAPTrix¢â HyGel Technology
Extracellular microenvironment, defined by spatiotemporal patterns of chemical and biophysical cues, is known to regulate cell adhesion, migration, proliferation, differentiation, morphogenesis, and survival by ECM mediated signaling. Some of these ECM signals are derived from biologically active cryptic sites within matrix molecules (matricryptic sites) that are revealed after structural or conformational alteration of these molecules. Furthermore, an appropriate regulated balance of ECM synthesis and degradation is required and critical for normal development and physiology, for example, morphogenesis and maintenance of tissue architecture.

Therefore, an ideal artificial ECM mimetic for tissue engineering or stem cell application should provide spatiotemporally defined presentation of immobilized signaling molecules, the modulation of matrix stiffness, creation of composition gradients.

Kollodis is currently developing MAPTrix¢â HyGel that provides spatiotemporally defined presentation of these biochemical and biophysical cues.

Dynamic MAPTrix¢â ECM can be enzymatically digestible by recombinantly incorporating enzyme sensitive motif such as GPQGIAGQ or GPQGIWGQ as a degradation component into a mussel adhesive protein. Recombinant incorporation of at least two enzyme sensitive peptide whose degradation rates are different allows spatiotemporally degradable over the hydrogel, mimicking exposure of matricryptic sites within ECM to cells. For details, download the Dynamic MAPTrix¢â HyGel Technology.

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