MAPTrix¢â Array Technology
The identification of ECM molecules and their roles in cell regulation are the critical steps towards design of synthetic extracellular microenvironments. Combinations of specific molecular interactions between numerous ECM-cell, matrix stiffness, and matrix geometry for identifying and mimicking the natural ECM composition are challenging for cell culture, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

MAPTrix¢â ECM Array will allows to identify the ECM derived adhesion molecules that regulate specific cellular function such as angiogenesis, as demonstrated in endothelial tube formation assay with 96 different MAPTrix¢â ECM composition in 96 well microwell plate.

Comparison of cell adhesion profiles of combinations of MAPTrix¢â ECM

Primary HUVEC cells were incubated on MAPTrix¢â ECM arryas for 48 hours in serum free conditions. Cell counts were normalized against average cell counts on Non-coating (BD Falcon). Each bar represents the mean value of three wells.

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