MAPTrix¢â Platform Technology
Mussel adhesive protein (MAP) is a polyphenolic protein with strong wet adhesive, non-toxic, biodegradable and low immunogenicity. These properties make MAP highly attractive for use in a variety of biological or medical applications. However, past commercial use of MAP has been greatly limited due to its low productivity, lack of functionality, and/or high production costs.

Kollodis BioSciences, Inc. has successfully addressed these issues by developing a proprietary recombinant protein expression system for large scale production of various fusion proteins of mussel adhesive proteins derived from Mytilus edulis foot protein type 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
MAPTrix¢â (Mussel Adhesive Protein based maTrix)
Kollodis has developed a powerful and versatile platform technology; Mussel Adhesive Protein based maTrix (MAPTrix¢â) platform. The MAPTrix¢â platform technology recombinantly incorporates bioactive peptides, such as the RGD motif, into a mussel adhesive protein (MAP). The MAPTrix¢â platform technology generates multi-functional biomaterials for life sciences and medical applications.

MAPTrix¢â ECM, the First Combinatorial Synthetic ECM Library
The MAPTrix¢â platform technology provides a basis for building multiple-functional biomaterials that can be used as building blocks in a variety of life sciences applications such as design of artificial microenvironment including stem cell niche, tissue engineering scaffolds, drug delivery, and surface modification or coating of medical devices.

Kollodis has constructed MAPTrix¢â ECM, the Combinatorial Synthetic ECM Library, for the molecular construction of artificial extracellular microenvironment and stem cell niche. Currently, Kollodis offers the mimetic library of cadherin, collagen (I, III, IV), fibronectin, laminin (¥á1, ¥á3, ¥á5, ¥â1, ¥ã1), vitronectin, elastin, tenascin-C, nidogen (entactin), and other important molecules such as osteoponin, thrombospondin, bone sialoprotein and CCN.

Download the complete list of MAPTrix¢â ECM Library

Kollodis continues to construct novel biofunctional mussel adhesive proteins for the next-generation of smart biomaterials that is responsive to physiological conditions such as pH or temperature.

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