MAPTrix¢â Bioadhesive
Naturally ocurring mussel adhesive protein has a wide range of adhesive strengths (typically 0.5~1.0 MPa) depending upon the type of pretreatment. Curing conditions and/or joint configuration makes direct comparisons of adhesive strength cumbersome for both medical and non-medical (industrial, commodity) applications. A variety of pretreatment methods may result in different DOPA residue content- a key ingredient for strong adhesion in mussel adhesive protein.

Kollodis' recombinant mussel adhesive protein based adhesive kit provide consistent, reproducible, and reliable adhesive strengths for your particular application. With crosslinking agents, the curing rate and adhesive strength can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements and needs.

MAPTrix¢â Adhesive Kit
The MAPTrix¢â Adhesive Kit is a formulation of polyphenolic mussel adhesive proteins recombinantly produced in Kollodis¡¯ proprietary E.coli expression system. The recombinant mussel adhesive protein is a hybrid of Mytilus edulis fp-1 and fp-5 or a hybrid of Mytilus edulis fp-1, fp-3 and fp-5; which are key components (foot proteins) in the glue secreted by marine mussels in order to anchor them to solid substrates in marine environments.

Our in vitro testing has clearly demonstrated that our MAPTrix¢â Adhesive has a similar or higher adhesive strength than the naturally occurring mussel adhesive protein.

MAPTrix¢â Adhesive Kit can form an even and uniform coating layer with strong adhesion between a substrate and biological samples even under water. It can simplify the manipulation of biological samples in a number of common in vitro techniques, including:
  • Establishment of primary cultures
  • In situ hybridization
  • Immunoassays
MAPTrix¢â Coacervate Kit
MAPTrix¢â Coacervate Kit is an adhesive composition to form complex coacervates and has ideal properties for injectable, water-borne, non-toxic, wet tissue adhesives.

Highlighted features include:
  • Dense, phase-separated fluid that does not dissolve in water
  • Low interfacial energy (1mJ/m2) of MAPTrix¢â coacervate-water interface, and thus readily spreads on submerged hydrophilic surfaces- which maximizes adhesive contact
  • Shear thinning viscous fluid- ideal for injectable adhesive formulations

The MAPTrix¢â Coacervate Kit consists of two components: (1) tyrosinase-pretreated mussel adhesive protein (lyophilized); and, (2) hyaluronic acid (in aqueous solution).

Use of the MAPTrix¢â Kit product generates a complex coacervate under a variety of conditions and a coacervate size ranging from several to tens of microns, in scale.

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