MAPTrix¢â ECM Array Service
A promising tool for the in vitro exploration of extracellular microenvironment (ECM) factors that regulate cell functions is the combinatorial library approach. With the use of combinatorial libraries, one can explore the effect of numerous known and unknown factors, alone or in complex combinations- in analogous to those encountered in natural extracellular microenvironments.

Our MAPTrix¢â ECM Library is the first commercially available combinatorial synthetic ECM library. It is comprised of hundreds of ECM derived peptide motifs which primarily bind to specific integrins. When combined with high throughput technology, our MAPTrix¢â Array based cell culture systems allows one to investigate and/or optimize ECM cues and cellular signaling events which control cellular functions. The information obtained from the cell culture systems can be translated and applied to creating or engineering biomimetic or synthetic microenvironments in order to regulate cell behavior for biomedical applications.

Kollodis¡¯ MAPTrix¢â Array offers an extensive line of ECM-derived ligands for high throughput cell adhesion assays to identify a cellular adhesion profile against up to 300 cell surface receptor binding peptide motifs.

The basic layout of the MAPTrix¢â Array is comprised of ¥áv¥â3 and its complementary integrin such as ¥á2¥â1 (collagen), ¥á3¥â1 (laminin), ¥á5¥â1 (fibronectin), and heparin binding motif.

Kollodis also provides tailored array surfaces for specific customer applications. Feel free to contact us if you require a specialized array comprised of integrin binding surfaces.

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