Comapny Profile
Kollodis BioSciences is the first and leading company to commercialize recombinant mussel adhesive protein (MAP) and associated MAP-based smart biomaterials using its proprietary platform technology, MAPTrix¢â

As a result of Kollodis' successful development of scaled-up processes for MAP manufacture, MAP-based smart biomaterials are currently poised for widespread use and growth in biotech, medical and industrial applications.

Kollodis BioSciences currently provides mussel adhesive protein (MAP) products as stand-alone adhesives (bioadhesives), ready-to-use coating kits, and adhesives complex coacervate and products for cell culture, tissue engineering, and related applications- the MAPTrix¢â ECM (Extracellular Matrix) line of products

Kollodis BioSciences, Inc. will be focused on the ongoing development of our proprietary mussel adhesive protein material based solutions that are clinically proven, and add value to our customer's products.

For this goal, Kollodis continues to be committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality which also comply with all applicable regulatory requirements such as the ISO 9001:2000.

Kollodis also continues to offer a wide range of biofunctional materials using its proprietary technology, MAPTrix¢â, to provide superior and innovative mussel adhesive protein based biomaterials as well as support its products.

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